About Me

I have been internet marketing for just on five years, and whilst I would never consider myself a guru – I have an expansive knowledge of internet and affiliate marketing. I found for the first 3 years I never stopped buying the latest and greatest product. Each sales video seemed to be made specifically for me offering just the product that I needed. I bought and I bought – in fact looking back at what I spent I am amazed at how much I spent, – how did I even eat? LOL but that is gladly all over now. The article on the HOME page of this site really does say it all about picking one program to follow then working at it step by step without deviating, until it starts working. Because it really can be simple if you don’t get distracted (like I did for years). So I just wanted to share my philosophies as there really is so much BS out there. I wanted to be a glimmer of TRUTH!