Wanting the Truth – If You Want to Make Money Online

Mar 06

I started this site as I have been actively involved in internet marketing for the last two years and still consider myself a newbie as I learn something new everyday (and will hopefully continue to learn for as long as I live).

I have encountered many problems over the last two years so I wanted to create this site to hopefully guide fresh newbies on some golden rules. Now I don’t want to sound like I am preaching as the “Guru’s” do. Because I know how it feels to be a newbie – not knowing who to trust and wondering about the missing links that no one talks about.

Here’s the number one thing I would like you to remember – it is NOT going to happen over night no matter what the sales pitches and videos say.

It takes a huge amount of desire and dedication to make your online business work. For example you can’t think that you can become a formula 1 racing car driver by spending a couple of hours on a games console. Not a chance! It takes years of dedicated training, moving up through the ranks of motor racing. Training week in week out with focus on their ultimate goal. It’s the same with internet marketing.

Pick One Training Program and Stick To It!

I have seen literally hundreds of affiliate marketing training programs over the years. Many are duplicates of older training programs just re-packaged. Most of the information is good, but it can be difficult to follow if you are just starting out. I often found I had to repeat sections over and over again until the penny dropped. Some of the techniques can often take weeks and sometimes months to achieve. But just like racing car driving, learning a musical instrument it takes focus and dedication.

Dedicate the Time

The choice was easy for me – watch mind numbing TV or spend that time trying to make a better life for myself. Sure I work a full time job and often work overtime but the point is I don’t want to do that all my life, I want to have freedom in my life and the money to do as I please.

Over the last two years  I have been on numerous mail lists for numerous guru’s. All it does at the end of the day is bombard your email in box with the latest tempting offer. My suggestion is “unsubscribe” from all of them except the course you are following. Over the past few years I can honestly say that I have wasted between 5 – 20 hours a week on looking at emails. This is a trap. Again I say dedicate the time to work on the tasks listed in your training and don’t deviate.

In the coming weeks and months I will be imparting some of the knowledge I have learnt over my studies: including keyword research, selecting a niche, selecting a product, creating a website, article writing, social marketing, creating backlinks, seo and marketing tips.

Hope you enjoy!

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